Mission Statement

Saint Gabriel School is a Catholic elementary school whose mission is to inspire our students to develop a personal relationship with God, to learn to apply critical thinking skills, to pray, and to serve. Since 1941, we have based our curriculum on Catholic philosophy and values. We seek to be one community created from a diversity of ethnic, racial, religious, and geographic backgrounds. Our faculty and staff devote themselves to a caring and dynamic interaction with students. We are an academic community within a larger spiritual community of faith. We strive to foster in our students a sense of spiritual and social responsibility, academic excellence, and Catholic morality.



April 7th - First Friday: Full Day of School

April 12th - Easter Vacation begins at 11:30 for Universal Pre Kindergarten  and 12 Noon for Kindergarten through Grade 8

April 13th - April 23rd - Easter Vacation/ Spring Break

April 13th - Holy Thursday

April 14th - Good Friday

April 16th - Happy Easter

April 24th - School Resumes/ Report Card Distribution ( K-8).

May 1st - Summer Uniforms may be worn

May 2-4th - New York State Mathematics Assessment